My Vision

Tackling climate change means more than just planting more trees and installing more solar panels. We must speak frankly about how environmental injustice disadvantages marginalized communities, particularly low-income residents and people of color. Last year’s nor’easter proved just how vulnerable Boston is to substantial changes in climate. We must act now.

I will take bold steps to guarantee that Boston changes course in its environmental impact.

Climate Analysis on Race and Class

Climate change continues to affect communities of color disproportionately. I plan to incorporate previously unheard voices in the process of making our city greener. To start, I propose conducting a climate analysis rooted in the intersections of race and class. I will then work with my colleagues to ensure we incorporate the analysis into the prioriites we set and policies we fight to implement. I will also work to make sure that marginalized communities are given equal access to employment opportunities in new green markets.

Climate Resilient Waterfront

Proposals for seawalls along Boston’s waterfront act more as a bandaid than as an actual solution. I will fight for a reimagined waterfront which protects both residents and marine wildlife. As an advocate of Mayor Walsh’s Resilient Boston Harbor, I envision rescuing Boston’s shoreline by expanding greenspaces. These waterfront parks will not only protect residents from rising sea levels, but they will also provide new public spaces for parks and gathering grounds.

100% Renewable 

It’s one thing for Boston officials to talk the talk about renewable energy; it’s another thing to make bold, transformative policy. I will fight so that by 2025 all of Boston’s public buildings and facilities will run on 100% renewable energy.

21st Century Emerald Necklace

I support measures such as rain gardens, tree canopies etc to combat heat waves and prevent storm floods among other climate disasters. I will give extra focus to historically lower income communities and communities of color as we often bear the brunt of the consequences of climate change.

Eco-Friendly Community Investment

Climate change is a real and present threat to our city, but I believe we can also use it as an opportunity to economically empower our historically marginalized communities.  Shore reconstruction, Park land expansion/conversion, etc. will take a large, coordinated implementation that can both employ and be led by historically marginalized/climate vulnerable communities.  I will advocate to both prioritize city contracts to be granted to recipients from these communities, and to design paths out of poverty programs by providing employment opportunities (with particular focus on our youth) to climate vulnerable Bostonians in the design and building of these various infrastructure projects.