Government Accountability & Civic Engagement

My Vision

I believe that the actions of our government should answer these two important questions: What are we doing to include all voices in the process of government decision-making, and what systems do we have in place to hold our city representatives and government agencies fully accountable?

A Hearing on Public Hearings

My first act will be to hold a hearing on public hearings. I will work to ensure that every panel we assemble truly represent the communities they are trying to help.

Hearings should be used as the beginning steps towards realizing our community-driven goals. But in order to realize community-driven goals, we need to involve the community. I plan to propose we remove barriers to engagement by providing child care services for residents attending hearings and expand the translation services offered. I will also work to make hearings more accessible by scheduling them at times and locations most convenient for residents. Public hearings should also be intentional: we need to make sure that every hearing ends with a clear set of goals, policies, and action items.

Electronic Town Halls

There should never be a disconnect between legislators and their constituents. I will advocate for expanding livestream broadcasts of all our public hearings. Video hearings will be posted online quickly and with accurate closed captioning so that all residents can be included in the democratic process.

Civic Engagement and Accountability Committee

As a City Councilor, you will always know exactly how my policies are implemented and how well they will serve Boston’s 22 unique neighborhoods. To do that, I plan to establish a Civic Engagement and Accountability Committee, which will incorporate the voices and lived experiences of Boston residents. In this committee we will introduce 360-degree accountability, including an official scorecard for constituents to follow how I am keeping to my campaign promises. I will also create a neighborhood services rating system for the city council to measure the frequency and quality of city services for each neighborhood.

Office of Resilience and Racial Equity

Although the Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Racial Equity (ORRE) has begun the work of confronting systemic race and class divisions, not enough is being done to focus on other marginalized communities. I believe that we need to expand the scope of the ORRE in order to account for the compounding effects that sexual orientation, gender identity, and disabilities play in social inequities.