My Vision

As an immigrant and the daughter of a mom who was undocumented for a portion of my childhood, the way our city, state and country treats our immigrant community is deeply personal. My life directly informs the policies I support, because I know the value immigrants bring to their community and the importance of protecting their rights. I will be unapologetic in my defense of my neighbors, regardless of their immigration status.


Growing up with an undocumented mother, I know what it’s like to live in fear of federal law enforcement. We need to dismantle the relationship between ICE and the Boston Police Department, banning the sharing of information about Boston residents.

Protecting Our Immigrant Neighbors

Boston is a sanctuary city. We need to start acting like it. I will work to increase funding for the Boston legal defense fund for low-income immigrants facing deportation. I also support current efforts to strengthen the Trust Act. I will fight to ensure that all citizens, regardless of documentation, have a vote in municipal elections.

Eliminating the School to Deportation Pipeline

An additional reason I call for an end to the cooperation between the Boston Police Department and ICE is because of the communication that occurs between the Boston School Department and the Boston Police Department. Our children should not be at risk for departure over infractions that can and should be handled by the School department.

Driver’s Licences and Municipal ID

I am approaching my policy platform through a holistic approach, I understand that we can not talk about issues in silo, because everything is connected. Drivers Licenses is one example; it ties into public safety, transportation equity, access and the list goes on. For this reason, I’m a strong supporter of eliminating this barrier for our immigrant residents. It is another clear example where our state should be leading the way.