It’s Time…we All have a Voice in the Leadership of Boston

About Me
I’m running for office because I’ve lived through and still see today the struggles which many residents are experiencing in the City of Boston.

It’s time we all have a voice in City Hall.

I am an Afro-Latina and single mom who was raised by an undocumented mother. Growing up in a life of poverty, I had to learn at a very young age how to navigate a system designed to keep people like me out of the political process.

That is why, in addition to advancing the issue of racial equity, I am also speaking up about the overarching issue of poverty. The opportunity gap in our schools is directly related to family income and the gentrification of our neighborhoods destabilizes poor families and leads to interrupted education.

As an activist, I’ve dedicated my career to engaging with underrepresented communities and involving them in the civic process. I helped to create Determined Divas, an initiative led by women to connect low-income communities to the electoral process. We opened the door to civic engagement by holding voter registration drives for communities of color, hosting forums with elected officials and constituents, and working together to explore and codesign solutions tackling public safety, housing, education and other issues. Over 1000 people from across the city have attended our forums over the years and we have registered hundreds of new voters thus far.

But it’s not enough.

The same obstacles I faced as a young girl, navigating a web of underfunded and underserved governmental programs, still exist today. If we want real change, progress is best made through civic engagement, including involvement in the city budget approval process, oversight of city agencies, and other legislative actions in City Hall. During the past few months, I’ve held policy discussions with local leaders across the city about housing, education, transportation and more. I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors in our sit-downs with residents from every corner of the city. The following policy platform represents the collective input from our sit-down meetings.

Join me in our fight to make our city work for and include all Boston residents.

Julia Mejia