It’s time…

Working with families across the city, Julia will create meaningful intergenerational opportunities to lift the voices of those drowned out by the political insiders who for too long have dominated the conversation about the direction and future of our City.

As a parent and longtime community activist, Julia believes that to build stronger civic engagement in our City, Boston residents must be engaged and given a voice in the policy-making processes within our government.

Julia has witnessed firsthand how overpriced housing is forcing generations of Boston residents out of the City. She will convene stakeholders to work towards stabilizing Boston’s housing crisis while also pushing Boston’s public schools to prepare students to be the world-class, homegrown workforce Boston’s employers want and deserve.

Julia is excited about the collective work we can do together. Please stay tuned as we develop our issues along the way in this campaign, meeting with residents from every corner of the City…from South Bay to the Back Bay, from Grove Hall to Faneuil Hall, from Mission Hill to Beacon Hill, and everywhere in between.

We hope you will become a part of Julia’s campaign. Please share your ideas and solutions by placing your comments in the Comment Box.

It’s time…we all have a voice in the leadership of Boston!