Substance Use Disorder

My Vision

Substance Use Disorder affects not only the user but those closest to them. I know this because a member of my family died from a heroin overdose. We need to do more to extend a helping hand to those on the track to sobriety and remission from substance use disorder.

Needle Exchange

Harm reduction is the important first step in the long process towards remission. Currently, there is only one needle exchange center operated by the city of Boston, monopolizing care and centralizing bad actors. Expanding the number of needle exchange locations, particularly in neighborhoods most affected by substance use disorder, would reduce harm and make services more equitable.

Safe Injection Centers

Boston is a city of firsts: the first centralized police department, the first metro system in the United States, the first public library. Boston should also be the first city in the U.S. to invest in Safe Injection Centers. In cities across the world, these centers have drastically reduced mortality rates, ambulance calls, and HIV infections. Though currently no city in the U.S. has one of these centers, I believe Boston is the perfect home to invest in this new form of harm reduction.

Treatment and Recovery

The city of Boston is a hub for medical services. While we are proud to host patients from across the world, we need to do more to provide local patients with substance use disorder treatment. This means expanding the number of beds in our treatment centers.