Workforce Development & Labor Rights

My Vision

Boston has the highest income inequality among the country’s largest cities. I will work to change that. In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, I will seek to fund programs that offer people access to job opportunities and push to raise the minimum wage and Earned Income Tax Credit initiative. I will also work alongside local non-profits to offer more jobs at a living wage to Boston residents as part of their community benefits.

Fair and Stable Scheduling

Last-minute schedule changes make it hard for employees to obtain a consistent paycheck. I will make sure that employers give at least two weeks notice before changing schedules, and will advocate for stable scheduling. I also support the Fair Scheduling Bill presently under consideration in the State House.

Doing More for Minority Business Owners

I will work to improve the reporting system highlighting where our city contracts are generated, advocating for funding to ensure that Minority Business Enterprises have support navigating the application process when applying for contracts. We will eliminate barriers of access to vacant storefronts across the city in order to enable more small business owners to gain a foothold in the economic growth happening across Boston.

Our Union Workers

It is a fact that our labor force is what keeps our cities thriving. That is why, at the core of my values is ensuring we protect and expand the rights of our union workers, because they represent families all across the city of Boston. All workers deserve the opportunity to unionize. In light of the Janus decision in the Supreme Court, I stand with all workers and their right to work collectively to create a just and equitable workplace.

As a young girl my mother cleaned houses for a living, and I would accompany her many times after school. She faced grueling hours and working conditions because she did not have the protection of working under a union contract. She is currently a food handler at Babson College. Realizing there were very limited workers rights at that institution, I worked alongside my mother and a few of her coworkers to help unionize. Unfortunately, many of her coworkers were afraid to lose their jobs so we didn’t reach the threshold we needed to become a unionized body. Today, my mother is 70 years old and too poor to retire. I stand united with unions in of support collective bargaining, contract campaigns, paying a living wage and good, safe working conditions.