Youth Engagement

My Vision

As a single mom, everyday I am amazed with how much of a creative, intelligent, and caring person my daughter is becoming. I want to be able to provide for her and every young person in Boston the ability to thrive and make a life for themselves.

Civic Engagement

I plan to create a pipeline for the next wave of civically-engaged young leaders. We need to invest in an intergenerational coalition that helps strengthen relationships between youth and elders, as well as create opportunities for them to work together and support each other’s goals and objectives.

Holistic Budget Approach

I want to rethink how we support and fund the emotional health and safety needs of our Boston Public School students. Our schools provide services that overlap with other agencies. Working intentionally with these agencies will make it easier to address the direct needs of our most vulnerable students. This will require a dramatic reevaluation of the City budget process to ensure BPS, Health and Human Services, Children and Families and Public Safety that collaborate not just around policy, but also around how these services are funded.

Voting Age

I am continually inspired by our young people’s passion and organizing power. I support lowering the voting age for municipal elections to 16, offering a voice to students who already have significant political, environmental, and financial investment in our city.