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Nothing about us, without us, is for us.

Meet Julia

Born in the Dominican Republic, City Councilor Julia Mejia arrived in the neighborhood of Dorchester when she was five years old. Raised by a single mother who was undocumented for most of her childhood, she was forced at an early age to speak up on behalf of her mother and others who felt ignored by the very institutions that were supposed to serve them. 

​Driven by a lifelong pursuit of justice and equity, Councilor Mejia has created countless opportunities for others to step into their power and advocate for positive change as a community organizer, and now, as your Boston City Councilor At-Large.


What We Stand For

A community activist at heart, Julia is committed to challenging herself and others every day with these essential questions:

What are we doing to include all voices in the process of government decision-making?

What systems do we have in place to hold our city representatives and government agencies fully accountable?

How can we remove the unnecessary barriers to our city’s resources and services?

Latest News


The People

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